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ONE ART TAIPEI 2023 participating artist "Kisho Kakutani"

Kisho Kakutani was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1993.

In 2022, he received a doctorate from Tokyo University of the Arts and Music and is currently an assistant at the university.Through his work, he creates the concept of making others imagine.

The "Frosted Window" series, inspired by the view through the ground glass, places noise in the center of the screen that interferes with the viewer's visual perception and encourages immersion in the painting world by imagining the view through the noise.

The view of the ground glass is based on a snap shot taken with a smartphone, and is inspired by the blurring feeling when taking a picture.

Based on the snapshot, the work that was drawn with ink seeped into the base material cotton cloth seems to be blurred at first glance, but all of them include noise during the production stage.

By using a lot of water, an accidental expression is created, and the surrounding scenery is imaged to match the scenery inside the ground glass, and later painted with paint.


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