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ONE ART TAIPEI 2023 participating artist "Shoko Mihira"


People, complexes, social phenomena, events in the world, etc. that I've seen in my life.

I'm making it into a monster in my head.

It is made using a type of reinforced glass called Boroshirikate glass that is hard to crack due to falling or falling and does not deteriorate over time.

Techniques that utilize glass materials give off an overwhelming presence.


1979 Born in Tokyo

2016 Professor Zii, American glass sculptor


2020 Monster Exhibition 2020 Award for Excellence

2021 IAGwords 2021 Winner

2021 Independent Tokyo 2021 Special Jury Award (Shiki-Saisha)

2021 Nishi Ogikubo Gallery Face to face Make the KNOTS

2021 Nishi Ogikubo Gallery Face to face Five Life Story

2021 IAGwords 2021

2021 Independent Tokyo 2021

2021 "SICF22"

2021 AHA Exhibition

2022 Isetan Shinjuku Branch Art Power

2022 "Monster" Mayuno Kobayashi ×Shoko Mihira SHIKISAISHA HALLERY

2022 Shoko Mihira "Real?" GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS

2022 ART TAIPEI 2022

2022 Shoko Mihira "Love?" Gallery face to face



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