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♡Animals 2017



また、4月20日(木)よりBunkamura gallery にて開催する「Animals in the Box」にて今回出品する作家の他、金丸悠児、安岡亜蘭を加え展覧いたします。



♡Animals 2017


新槇英美子 泉東臣 井原信次 上野謙介

江森郁美 風見規文 木原千春 瀬戸優

丁子紅子 長久保華子 松下大一  門田奈々 山根旭



11:00-18:30 日曜休

Animals in the Box



Since ancient times, animals have always been playing an important role in human’s lives. At Shikisaisha, we are delighted to present the exhibition titled “♡Animals” featuring artworks with animal motifs produced by various artists.

The animal themed artworks could be two- or three- dimensional and vary in style. You may also be interested to find some of the works by artists who usually do not depict animals.

Please enjoy the variety of animals expressed differently by each artists. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition. In addition, from Thursday April 20th, our artists including Yuji Kanemaru and Aran Yasuoka will be participating the exhibition titled “Animals in the Box” at Bunkamura gallery.

Please enjoy this exhibition as well.

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