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ONE ART TAIPEI 2022 participating artist "Yujiro Ueno"

上野裕二郎 | Yujiro Ueno


Born in 1996 in Kyoto, Japan

Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts in 2019

Completed the master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2021

Lives and works in Saitama, Japan

Ueno had numerous exhibitions in Tokyo including Gallery Nichido, Gallery Art Point, and 3331 Arts Chiyoda as well as Galerie JOSEPH minims in Paris. His award history includes the Future Award 2019, 2020 (Gallery Nichido), LIQUITEX THE CHALLENGE 2020 LIQUITEX Prize University Category (bonny Col Art Co., Ltd.), TURNER AWARD 2019 (TURNER COLOUR WORKS Ltd.), Young Creators Award 2020 MI Gallery Prize (MI Gallery), 3331 Art Fair 2020 Collector Prize, and the Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Scholarship.

He mainly paints with acrylic and oil paints.

Themes of his paintings are the interactions between living things and their surroundings and the internal fluctuation of ki (internal energy) found in Asian philosophy.

He captures the energy of ki through brush movement and layering of brush strokes using techniques that are strongly influenced by Asian calligraphy. At the same time, he integrates Japanese artistic sensibilities through the use of gold and silver pigments on backgrounds and the depiction of tigers and birds of prey that are used as traditional motifs in Japanese painting.

He mediates between Asian and Western techniques to infuse contemporary sensibilities into traditional elements through methods including tarashikomi (blurring of lines) with water-based acrylic paint, layering brush strokes, and painting techniques that give transparency or thick layers.

For Ueno, the purpose of artistic expression is to pursue the reality of living things, the surrounding environment, and the flow of time.


台北西華飯店 The Sherwood Taipei

Exhibiting artists


藏家預展 | Collector Preview

2022.01.14 (Fri.) 13:00-20:00

貴賓預展 | VIP Preview

2022.01.14 (Fri.) 11:00-19:00

公眾開放 | Public Days

2022.01.15 (Sat.) 12:00-20:00

2022.01.16 (Sun.) 12:00-20:00


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